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    Active Termites found in a Brisbane home during an invasive inspection

    Posted on: August 26th, 2013

    Compass Building and Pest Inspections have captured termites in action in a Brisbane home during an invasive inspection; Click here to watch these creatures at work.

    As you can see from exposing the termite activity a large amount of damage has been caused to the timbers surrounding the window frame.

    Termites are one of the leading ways to cause damage in a property more common then fire or flood affects.  There are many different types of termites found in Brisbane. Some of these termites work a lot faster then others causing more damage to homes in a shorter amount of time. Damage to properties caused by termites can lead to enormous amount of money to fix if not caught in time, as for this Brisbane home luckily Compass was able to attain the active termites to one area of the home and was able to save the family home.

    To prevent termites occurring in the future

    Compass Building Inspections advises to have regular inspections to pick up any abnormalities found to the property and remove any conducive conditions such as gardens built up against the walls of the home, leaking tapes or showers and timbers in contact with the ground. The Compass team’s are trained experts in the termite industry and are able to inspect your property and suggest recommendations to keep your property safe with a written annual inspection report provided.

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