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    Pest Inspections are an important tool in protecting your home. Once of our most commonly asked questions is which suburbs are affected worst. The truth is that in Queensland, there are termites everywhere.

    Termite Map of Australia

    Most people are unaware that termite damage is not covered under their home insurance. All homes in Queensland built after 2000 must have a physical barrier in place as per the Australian Standard 3660.1 – 2000 Termite Management – New Building Work is referenced in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). While newer homes have a physical termite barrier, its primary role is to prevent undetected entry of termites into a building. IT WILL NOT STOP TERMITES.

    This is where an Annual Pest Inspection as per A.S.3660 is essential to ensure that the physical barrier has not been breached and that they have not entered the building. All reports not only report on termites and the damage they may have caused (if there is any), we also report on conditions conducive to attracting termites and recommendations to solving those conditions.

    The team at Compass Building and Pest Inspections utilise the most advanced industry tools to carry out your comprehensive pest inspections. This means we can pick up problems that others may not notice, part of the reason we’re one of Queensland’s most trusted inspection providers.

    The following items of equipment, coupled with our highly trained, experienced staff, ensure that we’ll provide you with an accurate, dependable result.


     Moisture meter

    A moisture meter helps determine where problems (for instance moisture or dampness) may be occurring behind plasterboard and other types of wall cladding. It provides an accurate measurement of any dampness — even for areas that may not be visible to the naked eye. The moisture meter is utilised during every inspection we carry out

    Specialised Equipment - Moisture Meter in use 1 Specialised Equipment - Moisture Meter in use 2



    Specialised Equipment - Sounder in use 1

    The use of a sounder tool enables us to carefully listen for defects within the building, such as hollow timber, ‘drummy/loose’ tiles or any other issues that may be concealing a serious problem. Because our team comprises experienced inspectors, we can easily interpret the sounds we hear  and then advise you accordingly. The sounder is used during every inspection we carry out.


    Thermal imaging camera (infrared technology)

    This non-invasive, comprehensive and innovative form of technology aids our trained inspectors in determining whether termites might be active in your home.
    Termites emit radiated energy/heat that can be identified by these cameras. This infrared technology collects and analyses this energy and is displayed on the screen for our technicians to view.
    The heat patterns displayed by this camera allow our inspectors to determine whether there are any termite infestations in the building or residence — to put it simply, it enables us to make the invisible, visible. The thermal imaging camera is used for all of our pre-purchase inspections.

    Specialised Equipment - Thermal Imaging Camera in use 2 Specialised Equipment - Thermal Imaging Camera in use