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    Termite Spot Treatment

    A Termite Spot Treatment is the cost effective way of killing any live termites once they are found. If you’ve found them while digging in the garden, playing in the shed or happen to put the vacuum through an affected skirting board, we have you covered.

    We have multiple delivery options available including Termidor spray, foam and dust.

    Termidor FoamTermidor Dust Termidor Liquid

    The location and species of termite will determine the best application type to use and our licensed and experienced staff will know exactly how to determine that when they arrive on site.

    We exclusively use Termidor. Whenever a termite touches Termidor, it can become a “carrier,” transferring Termidor to other termites it contacts. Secondary carriers continue transferring Termidor to other termites they contact, spreading it like a virus throughout the colony.

    Found termites and want them dealt with, call our staff today.