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    When carrying out your building and pest inspection, our team pays utmost attention to every detail. We’ll provide you with comprehensive reports that outline all areas of concern within the property, complete with digital images, extensive notes and suggestions for moving forward.

    When Compass provides you with your building and pest inspection reports, you’ll have all the facts and will know the REAL value of the property. Please see below for examples of our inspection reports.

    Why are our building and pest reports so detailed?

    We believe in exceeding the relevant Australian Standards, which is why you can count on Compass to provide you with extremely detailed (yet easy to understand) reports. We know the warning signs when checking a property, and go above and beyond industry requirements to provide you with the best service.

    For example, technically we are only required to use the moisture meter in wet areas — but we also check the walls and around the doors in order to obtain the most accurate result. And this is just one of many examples where we go above and beyond for our clients.

    Please click on the building inspection report example below.

    See Our Reports - Building Inspection Report

    Please click on the pest inspection report example below.

    See Our Reports - Pest Inspection Report

    Please click on the handover report example below.

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